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Welcome to the Rayleigh Underground event center and Violet Room restaurant.

Step inside the Violet Room for an immersive dining experience, offering sophisticated seasonal menus with creative plating and thoughtful execution.

Then, venture back into the Rayleigh Underground, an entertainment and event venue integrated with production elements that create dynamic experiences. The venue can take on multiple forms, including speaking engagements, dinner and a show, business meetings, competitions, live performances, and elaborate party and events.

Both restaurant and venue are available for corporate and private events, as well as entertainment competitions. 

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Catering & Events

           venue: 10,000 sq ft                           

violet room: 104 seated/215 reception     

stage front: 72 seated/150 reception  

Level 2

private dining & event space : 3,500ft

room 1: 40 seated

room 2: 48 seated

room 3: 48 seated

      **above rooms open to one space

         138 seated/ 150 reception

balcony: 24 seated/50 reception    

VIP bar: 90 seated/107 reception

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